Rumen Petkov

Rumen B. Petkov (born January 26, 1948) is an Bulgarian-American animator who has worked on a variety of early Cartoon Network shows in its golden years, such as Dexter's Laboratory, I Am Weasel, Cow and Chicken, and others.

Filmography Edit

Season 3

I Are Good Dog! (Animation Director)

Season 4

I Am Cliched (Animation Director)

Revolutionary Weasel (Animation Director)

The Magnificent Motorbikini (Animation Director with Robert Alvarez)

The Baboon's Paw (Animation Director)

Season 5

The Fairy Godfather (Animation Director)

The Sorcerer`s a Dentist (Animation Director)

Fred: Last of the Idiots (Animation Director with Dave Brain)

A Troo Storee (Animation Director)