My Blue Hiney
Season 5, Episode 14
Air date August 19, 1999
Written by David Feiss
Directed by David Feiss, Robert Alvarez
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I Am Cave Weasel
Mission: Stupid

My Blue Hiney is the 14th episode of season 5.



The narrator tells a story about Weasel is a country singer and Baboon is a comedian. Weasel was born as the son of a poor chair-cropper in Alabama and Baboon was adopted by a pair of performers, which are formerly owned by Colonel Hiney Bottom (the Red Guy). When Hiney Bottom heard Weasel singing and saw Baboon hitting the stick, he had an idea for an opening act. During the opening act, Baboon tells a joke that was beyond funny (people started booing at him). After Baboon's failed performance, Weasel started singing the song "My Blue Hiney" and people cheered for him.

Weasel became a big sensation while Baboon performs lame jokes. In a food joint, when Weasel found out that there were no eggs, he became enraged. The police stopped by and arrested both Weasel and Baboon and put them in a Correctional Worm Farm. Weasel's song "My Blue Hiney" became a No. 1 hit and Hiney Bottom became rich. Weasel and Baboon are kicked out of the Worm Farm because Baboon was eating the worms. Then they stopped by Hiney Bottom's mansion and Weasel discovered that Hiney Bottom is a thief. Hiney Bottom got arrested and is placed in the Worm Farm, digging up worms and playing his tambourine.

At the end, the story is revealed as a lie by Jolly Roger, then a mad Weasel, along with Baboon, caught him in the act. Weasel tells the viewers to forget about watching this episode.

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