This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date July 29, 1997
Written by Richard Pursel
Directed by David Feiss

Robin Steele

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Deep Sea Tour is the 3rd episode of season 1.



At a dockside carnival, Baboon is getting a bathysphere license from a Fake License Booth. He then jumps aboard his Bathysphere Tour ship and sails away, before the anchor line to the ship tears off half of the dock, sending the whole carnival into the sea.

Later, a small boat of three children (including one girl with a beard) see the bathysphere and decide to go on an undersea tour with Baboon. Meanwhile, Weasel is giving a treasure chest (that he found under the sea) to a homeless man. Then, a female crowd comes to admire Weasel for his work, just as he rescues a seal from drowning.


Weasel saved the children from harm's way.

At the same time, while Baboon is giving the children his undersea tour, he notices that they are sinking in too deep. Baboon tries in vain to raise the bathysphere, but the cable snaps, causing the vessel to sink further below. On shore, Weasel looks through a telescope and discovers the situation. He flags down a ship, swims toward the vessel, and runs into Jacques Cousteau. Weasel then lends his telescope to Cousteau to inform him of the impending danger.

Then, Weasel dives into the sea and catches up to the bathysphere, grabbing the broken end of the cable, before they wind up in an underground cavern. The children are safe at last, just as Baboon climbs out and sits down on a ledge, sulking. A stern Weasel is disappointed in Baboon's actions and orders that he turn in his license to the authorities.

Later, the children become hungry. Weasel uses a fishing pole to catch some fish for the children to eat, some of them having different flavors. Baboon feels somewhat jealous. He grabs a huge tube worm from nearby and cuts it in half. However, the worm attacks Baboon and spits mucous on him. Weasel discovers that the mucous is a rubber cement. He grabs the worm and uses it to spray mucous on the bathysphere's damaged sections. The children cheer for Weasel, just as Baboon attempts to take his anger out on him. However, Weasel is already aware of this and sticks out his foot to defeat Baboon. Then, Weasel sends the children and Baboon aboard the bathysphere and pushes the vessel to an upward-flowing waterfall. The waterfall takes them up from the cavern and above the water. It works as planned as the bathysphere drifts away.

By now, Weasel and the group have reached the shores of Mexico, where a fiesta takes place. As Baboon sits in depression, a group of Mexican police officers ask him for his license. To his embarrassment, he finds that his license has been glued to his buttocks, thanks to the worm!